Dental Implants in Boise Idaho can help you smile with confidence again!


Our dentist can give you a dental crown matching the natural color of your teeth!


Achieve your most beautiful smile with advanced clear aligners!


Cosmetic dentistry in Boise, Idaho, can help you achieve your personal perfect smile!

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Invisible Repair

Braces are a thing of the past nowadays because now we have Invisalign! This new repair mechanism allows you to get the perfect smile but without the visible metal and glue that braces show. Not only does Invisalign not include the painful look of braces, but it also...

Just Your Local Teeth Whitening Pros

Just Your Local Teeth Whitening Pros

The whiter the teeth the better the smile, at least that is what some people say. We strive for white and healthy teeth but that is not always easy to achieve. Here at Tree City Family Dental, we can make your white teeth a possibility. Teeth whitening helps improve...