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COVID-19 and Tree City Family Dental

The team at Tree City Family Dental wants to assure you that we are here for you. Being available for urgent and emergency care is essential!
Call our office anytime to request an appointment. Your individual needs will be assessed to determine urgent and/or emergency care

A Note from Dr. Connaughton:

We understand that things are a little confusing for everyone right now. As an essential business, we aim to be available whenever you need us. As updates come, we will be here for you to help navigate the changes as we return to a new normal.
We are not accepting walk-in treatments. Any visits must be scheduled for a set appointment slot ahead of time.
You are able to call* our office any time to request an appointment. We will consult with you to assess your specific needs, and then we will get an appointment scheduled for you based upon the urgent nature of your recommendation.

At this time, we are strictly treating urgent and emergency cases. Though our routine care appointments and regularly scheduled checkups are both valuable and important, minimizing risk to ‘flatten the curve’ of COVID-19 is necessary.

If you are unsure whether what you are experiencing is a dental emergency, we are here to help assess the situation to the best of our professional ability. Our aim is to keep dental-related emergencies out of hospitals and urgent care centers to reduce the risk for our patients and to free up medical professionals to treat medical emergencies.

Dental Emergency Symptoms: 

Symptoms of dental emergencies may include:

  • Infection/swelling/inflammation
  • Severe pain
  • Improper post-operative healing from previous dental services
  • Fractured/broken teeth causing pain

I want to reiterate: we are available!

The team at Tree City Dental is dedicated to following the recommendations from the CDC, WHO, ADA, ISDA, and OSHA.

To protect the health and safety of our patients and staff, we have implemented preventative safety measures that go beyond these guidelines. We will continue to prioritize the health of our patients and our community above all else.

We are using all recommended Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and we will be incorporating extra time between patients to thoroughly sanitize and sterilize our treatment rooms.


More Information

We are actively working to follow recommended social distancing guidelines.

Our waiting room is currently closed. We are committed to the safety of all patients, and we are taking the following measures to protect those who enter our doors:

  • We ask that our scheduled patients to send a text from their car when they arrive at the office. This will alert our staff to their presence and allow us to notify the patient when the staff and treatment room are prepared for them.
  • We also ask that patients come alone to appointments or have their guests stay in the car if they need transportation for their procedure.


  • Felt ill
  • Been around others who have been ill
  • Traveled outside of the area
  • Been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Been around someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Been diagnosed with underlying health concerns that increase your personal risk



We ask that you alert us immediately and that you rebook your visit. We will be requiring the same of our team members to maintain a safe space of reduced risk for our patients.

Eventually, things will return to normal and all our offered dental services will be possible. Routine services and appointments will be rescheduled. We will stay abreast of the progress and be here for you along the way.

As updates are made available to us about further developments regarding dental care and this pandemic, we will be sure to share them with you.

For now, stay healthy, stay safe, and keep in touch.

Duston Connaughton DDS
Tree City Family Dental

*If you do not reach us when calling, be sure to leave a message as we will also have reduced staff at any given time. We will phone you back ASAP!