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At Tree City Family Dental, our dentists and team take every precaution to keep you safe and to minimize any potential risks associated with your dental care. Dr. Connaughton and Dr. Bator will recommend a personal care plan that takes into account your specific dental risks so we may determine an appropriate X-ray frequency that takes potential risks and benefits into account. You can be confident that we are using the bare minimum radiation to obtain the best images possible by using our state-of-the-art digital radiography in Boise, Idaho.

There are several benefits to using digital radiography over traditional film x-rays, such as:

  • Less Radiation: The equipment used in digital radiography exposes dental patients to less radiation. In fact, digital x-rays use up to 90% less radiation than film x-rays. While conventional dental x-rays are relatively safe, digital radiography is an excellent option for those who take x-rays on a regular basis or for those who are concerned about radiation.
  • Shorter Dental Appointments: Digital radiography can also shorten your dental appointment! With traditional dental x-rays, you have to wait while your dentist develops the film. With digital radiography, the sensor develops the picture almost instantly and projects it onto a computer screen right before your eyes.
  • Higher Quality Images: The standard size of traditional x-rays can make viewing difficult, but digital radiography has done away with the “one size fits all” mentality. Once on the screen, digital X-rays can be enlarged or magnified for a better visual of the tooth’s structure. Brightness, contrast, and color can also be adjusted, allowing our dentist to see small cavities more easily. If you need a hard copy of your x-ray, digital images can also be printed out.
  • Transferring Dental Records: Digital images can be emailed to a dental specialist for immediate review. Digital x-rays take away the expense and time needed to copy files and mail them to another dentist, making it easier to transfer dental records or get a second opinion. As more offices are turning to electronic patient charts, computers may eliminate the need to mail dental records altogether.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Digital dental x-rays are better for the environment! With digital radiography, no chemicals are used to develop film. There is also no wasted space of a darkroom and no need to store film, which can pile up in a dentist’s files.

To learn more about the advantages of dental radiography, please feel free to contact us today.