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Flossing is crucial if you want to have a happy and healthy smile. Flossing twice a day doesn’t take long, and it makes a huge difference in your oral hygiene. Why should you floss? Well, that is a great question; today we have the answers for you!

The Importance of Flossing

By flossing you are giving your gums a longer life span. Your gums are not something that you can replace if they begin to decay…which means you have one shot at keeping them healthy! If you are not flossing, then you are putting yourself at a high risk of getting gingivitis; a sign of this is if you have irritated and infected gums. You also are putting yourself at a higher risk of getting cavities. Your mouth is full of different bacterias that can begin to irritate gum tissues, which eventually will cause you pain. Flossing removes plaque build-up that can cause gum irritation, so by flossing you are removing these different bacterias that build up in your mouth.

Different Forms of Flossing

Nowadays there are multiple ways to floss, which makes it more convenient.
We have the classic flossing style which is done by using a wax floss that way your floss will not start to shred throughout your floss. This can be annoying and uncomfortable for some people who cringe at the sign of wax flossing, so that’s where water flossing comes in.
Water flossers are a new way to floss. How it works is by pressurizing water into a small pick that pushes the plaque out and away from your gums. This is a pain-free way to floss for those who have sensitive gums. This is also quick and easy therefore you have no excuse to not get your floss on. It doesn’t quite do the job of your standard floss, but it’s better than nothing at all!
And finally, we have the super floss for those of you who have permanent retainers. Super floss is longer and has a thin plastic tip on the end which allows you to pull the floss under your retainer struggle free. This is an area that is known to have high plaque build-up, so making sure that you can floss in this area will take the strain off of your gums.

More Information

If you don’t know the level of health that your gums are currently at, contact a professional today to set up an appointment and find out how good your oral hygiene really is. Some might think that their teeth are in great shape, but they might not be as healthy as one might think. Flossing is the key to a healthy smile, so remember to floss twice a day and keep that bacteria away!