Now that school is out for the summer, it’s the perfect time for your children to get that dental work that you were putting off during the school year. They don’t have classmates to see or homework to do every day, so now is the time to check those dentist appointments off of your to-do list!

Regular Checkups

We get it, everyone has busy schedules, especially during the school year. But that doesn’t mean that you should neglect to take your kids in for their regular checkup! Not only are these appointments a time for your child to get a full cleaning of their teeth and gums, but any greater dental problems will usually be discovered before you or your child notice them. Catching these problems early means less pain and irritation for your child and less money coming out of your pocket.

Cavity Fillings

Over time, cavities that are left untreated only get worse. They are the most common procedures performed by dentists, and children with growing teeth are especially susceptible. Our dental fillings include a glass or quartz filler mixed with resin to create a strong, durable filling that matches the color of the patient’s teeth. Now that summer is here and schedules are a little more flexible, it’s a great time to get those cavities filled for you or your kids, so make an appointment today!

Wisdom Teeth and Braces

Because wisdom teeth removal and braces take extra time to heal and extra effort to take care of, most people choose to wait to do those procedures until the kids are out of school. There are some foods that can’t be eaten after these procedures, which can be a hard adjustment; it’s a good idea to get these done now while you have more time to help and care for them.

Establishing Good Habits

Regular cleaning checkups just aren’t enough! It’s important to establish good dental hygiene habits with your kids as they’re growing up that they can follow for years to come. Teaching them the proper techniques of brushing and flossing their teeth every day can ensure that they are keeping their mouth clean and healthy. Additionally, knowing which foods are good for your teeth, and which are not, and incorporating that into your child’s diet can save them from damage further down the road.

If you have any dental questions or want to make an appointment, call Tree City Family Dental today. We’ll use our dental expertise to help suggest what you or your kids should do to maintain a healthier mouth!