With the abundance of foods and drinks we have today, it can be quite the task to try and restrain ourselves from all the tasty options. Unfortunately, a majority of the time the products we love to eat and drink are the ones that are staining our teeth. At Tree City Dental, we put together a list of foods and drinks that halt the progress of getting those pearly whites we all crave!

Candy and Sweets

Sugar is the most tempting yet disastrous substance in the world for our teeth! Despite it being in a majority of the foods and drinks we partake in, sugar can eat away at the enamel on our teeth, resulting in tooth decay. Foods like lollipops, cookies, jellybeans, and cake all take a toll on our teeth, especially if it takes a while to get it down. When sweets like these stay in your mouth for a while, it can be harder for the saliva to wash away the sugar, resulting in the leftover sugar eating away at your teeth. As a friendly token of our gesture, Tree City Dental recommends that you brush as soon as you finish those sweets you enjoy so much!


Wake up, brew a cup of coffee, and then off to work. Does this seem like the typical routine for your morning? Perhaps in that routine there contains a time slot for brushing your teeth? We sure hope so! Unless you’re taking another energy booster to start your day, coffee is the main go-to for that morning pick-me-up. Unfortunately, the drink that the world craves so much may be staining your teeth more than anything else! Coffee is a very acidic liquid, and to make matters worse, also contains a class of molecules known as tannins. These plant-based compounds make it easier for the acidity and color compounds in coffee to stick to your teeth. Along with that, the acidity in coffee softens the enamel on our teeth, making it easier for the stains to push their way through. Are these factors going to decrease the number of daily coffee drinkers? No, probably not. Considering this drink is treated like the nectar of the gods, it’s going to remain a staple for caffeine addicts. At Tree City Dental, we simply suggest our daily coffee drinkers to pick up a toothbrush or some fluoride mouthwash to help erode some of that acidity!
If the yellowish stain becomes too much of an issue, give us a call today to schedule a cleaning or teeth whitening procedure!

Soft Drinks

What’s not to love about soda? Drinks like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Sprite have all become fan favorites because of their crisp, refreshing taste. However, like other acidic drinks, soft drinks can drop the hammer on our pearly whites. The acidity and sugar in these drinks can lead to problems like cavities and dental erosion. A few ways to kick this drink to the curb, besides brushing daily, could be to switch over to water or tea instead. If soft drinks have remained a constant in your life, try refraining from brushing immediately after drinking because the acidity from the drink will soften your teeth, resulting in abrasion!

Citrus Fruits

Despite eating healthy citrus fruits like grapefruits, lemons, and limes, the acidity from them is leading to an increase in tooth enamel, which can open the gates to our mortal enemy… cavities. Although you may not think eating healthy comes with side effects, these fruits can take a toll on an individual’s teeth. When drinking juice, we recommend drinking through a straw to avoid as much contact with your teeth as possible, this way some of the acidity can bypass your teeth!

We understand that it’s near impossible to escape all these delicious delectables. And we’re certainly not asking that you cut all of it off! However, we do hope that you practice consistent and safe dental care procedures after partaking in these goods, and more importantly that you reach out to your friends at Tree City Dental if you have any questions! Our team is more than happy to assist you in getting those teeth looking as clean as can be!