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Here at Tree City Family Dental, we are big supporters of oral hygiene. Brush, floss, rinse, and repeat is a motto that we live by as dentists. We care about your teeth and you should too. We are here to answer questions such as why do I need to floss? Why do I need to brush? And why do I need to rinse? Here are the reasons why oral hygiene is crucial to have in your everyday routine.

Healthy Teeth = A Healthy Life

There are many different ways that your teeth can be considered in an unhealthy state. These are just a couple of reasons as to why oral hygiene is extremely important.

  • Gum disease is a big issue because your gums do not regenerate the same way other tissue does. Gum disease is a dangerous dental disease that causes gum deterioration. Gum disease is caused by plaque build-up that begins to break down the gum layers if not properly cared for and cleaned regularly. Dr. Connaughton and Dr. Bator recommend that you come in for cleanings once every 6 months to maintain healthy gums. Gum disease can be prevented and stopped depending on what level of gum disease you are at. Go see your local experts to find out how healthy your gums are.
  • Keeping up with oral hygiene will also prevent those awful things known as cavities. Cavities are formed because of bacteria build-up within the mouth. Preventing these are simple, all you need to do is brush twice a day. Once in the morning and once right before bed that way you kill the daily bacteria that has built up in your mouth. Cavities can break down enamel which is something that makes your teeth strong and healthy. Without enamel, your teeth are more likely to chip and crack which will cause you extreme pain. Strong enamel means healthy teeth because once your enamel is damaged then, unfortunately, it cannot be regenerated.
  • We all know about dentures because we fear needing to wear them when we are older. You can prevent this by taking care of your teeth now. Flossing and brushing daily will help prevent deterioration of your teeth which means that if you take care of them now then they will be there later. The effort you put in now means less effort later. Take care of your teeth so they stay strong and healthy your whole life.

For more information about oral hygiene here in the Boise, Idaho area please feel free to contact Tree City Family Dental by dialing the number 208-286-2699.