With Christmas now less than a month away, the holiday season is here and let’s face it, those holiday treats are nothing short of absolutely delicious. Traditional holiday meals like stuffing, pies, and sauces are high in sugars and starches which can cause a variety of dental issues.

Let’s help you have a more tooth-friendly holiday season because if you don’t take care of your oral health, there could be consequences. And the reality is you can’t enjoy all those festive dishes.

Tree City Family Dental is here to help you find the right balance between protecting your teeth and gums from turning into the grinch this holiday season.

Holiday Season Treats

Even if your one to take well care of your teeth, there are several foods and beverages during the holiday season that you consume which can pose a threat to your dental health. Moreover, they can be even more hazardous if you have braces, dentures, or other permanent dental prosthetics. Here is a list of a few commonly consumed treats that are devoured throughout the holiday season which can be very harmful to our oral health.

Pies and sticky desserts: During Christmas, we all love seeing pecan pie, apple pie, as well as all the caramel and marshmallows on our dessert. Although, these sticky foods can cause a lot of harm to our oral health regarding our teeth and gums. The primary concern is that these foods stick to our teeth but contain unhealthy amounts of sugar that can lead to tooth enamel decay.

Wine, juice, and soda: When we think of dental health, we think of the foods we consume along with having a consistent tooth cleaning regimen. However, we often don’t consider the effects certain drinks have on our oral health. Many drinks we consume throughout the holidays such as wine, juice, and soda have a high concentration of acid. This is detrimental to our oral health since it eats away our tooth enamel and proliferates plaque.

Dazzle Your Dessert and Limit The Sugar

It can be very difficult to say no to these traditional once-a-year treats. However, if you can look at all those gingerbread cookies and candy canes and envision an expensive dental emergency, this can serve as a helpful deterrent while finding a healthier alternative.

Christmas is a holiday infamous for large amounts of delicious foods, many of which are full of sesame oil, added sugar, and acid. Fortunately, you can still have an amazing tasteful Christmas feast that is tooth friendly.

Tooth-Friendly Holiday Treats

Dark chocolate and pumpkin pie are the best alternatives to indulge in this holiday season. Just make sure to pass on the whipped cream because this Christmas season you’ll want enough room for that amazing turkey.

Holiday treats are a season of their own. Chocolate-covered strawberries and sliced fresh pears with plain greek yogurt are great since it contains much less sugar. Both pears, as well as greek yogurt, have been shown to actually neutralize acid on the surface of the gums and remineralize teeth.

These treats are great for the whole family because there not only absolutely delicious, but they also help curve that sweet tooth we have during the holiday season. Tooth-friendly holiday treats can still be very fun and tasty especially when they are enjoyed with friends and family.

Choose Your Drinks Wisely

We all love a holiday season infused with the best drinks that offer our taste buds pure bliss. But if you are looking to keep that smile bright make sure to consume light-colored and clear beverages.

Make sure you keep your teeth white this Christmas by avoiding red wines and those juices which are high in acidic content. Since these drinks are very high in citric acid it poses a variety of threats. Specifically the discoloring of our teeth as well as our gums and tooth enamel. They also reduce the production of our saliva which neutralizes the acids from the bacteria in the mouth. And as a result, it makes those acids highly concentrated, increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Make sure you keep your teeth sparkling white this holiday season and opt for light-colored and clear beverages.

Tackle All The Protein and Vegetables

Holidays bring joy to many of us, especially the time we get to spend with friends and family as well as the food we get to indulge in. Regarding our oral health, make sure you focus on consuming whole foods that are high in protein and dense in micronutrients such as vegetables.

One of the best holiday foods to consume is turkey. Especially since it is very high in protein and phosphorus both of which can help your body fight off tooth decay ensuring your teeth and gums stay strong and healthy. On the other hand, make sure to fill that plate of yours full of your favorite vegetables. Green beans and broccoli are great for your gums since they contain both vitamins A and B. This will ensure your teeth and especially your gums are less likely to become inflamed and infected.

Give The Gift Of A Sparkling White Smile

Make sure you consider tucking some fun gifts under the tree that will help improve your friend’s and family’s oral health.

The New Year is a great time to start new habits that will keep your teeth healthy and strong.

The entire team at Tree City Family Dental hopes you have a safe, happy and healthy holiday season. Make sure to contact Tree City Family Dental to schedule your dental check-ups or cleanings, as well as learn more information about the services we provide.